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The Varner Foundation

3 Pillars

1. Raise awareness
Awareness of the foster youth and kinship care crisis is low, and we need individuals, organizations and churches to understand the need.
There are ways - big or small - that every person in our community can engage to support kids and families who need it.
Colleagues Working Together
2. Collaborate
There are amazing organizations who are already doing great things that need a little help to expand their services or the number of families they serve.
We identify projects that can have a "multiplier effect" in our community and walk alongside those groups to help provide the support they need to get things off the ground.
3. Identify & fill gaps
There are new programs, training and solutions needed to help biological, kinship and foster families be successful.
Individual families need one-time help to eliminate barriers to achieve stability.
The Varner Foundation will help connect resources and fill individual gaps to help reinforce families when they need it most.
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